Hello world!

In the beginning, there is, invariably, the Hello world! post. Its well-known words caress the author more than the reader: « Welcome to WordPress. – they say in a mellow tone – This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! »

At times, it might be different. It might be some clever, or not-so-clever, attempt at mocking the stock Hello world! post.

Either way, some text is written, the first step is done, a journey begins…

In real life, tawmas goes by the name of Tommaso R. Donnarumma. When asked, he describes himself as an Italian in Québec; a passionate programmer who has also been a project manager and a sysadmin; an Ubuntu user; an avid photographer; a lover of books, Baroque music, jazz, red wines, white beers; a gamer; an incurable curious.

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