Unofficial daily PPA for Scribes

When it comes to coding, Scribes is my editor of choice. So, this morning it wasn’t good news when Scribes author Lateef Alabi-Oki (Mystilleef) announced on twitter: « I haven’t found a way to build deb packages or update the Ubuntu PPA from Fedora. So Scribes’ Ubuntu PPA is going to be in a rot :-( »

Embracing class-based views

I recently realized that class-based views are a beautiful, powerful tool to build clean, streamlined views that are easy to understand and maintain. Let me make my case with a trivial example. Let’s have a look at the canonical way to deal with a form in function-based views: What we have here is a good […]

Hello world!

In the beginning, there is, invariably, the Hello world! post. Its well-known words caress the author more than the reader: « Welcome to WordPress. – they say in a mellow tone – This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! » At times, it might be different. It might be some clever, or not-so-clever, attempt at mocking […]